Casper Noise is an integrated solution for noise management supporting efficient monitoring, analysis, reporting and communication of the environmental impact of airport operations.

Casper BV has been founded by Frontier in 2010 to give more focus to the aircraft noise monitoring solutions that are being developed for the international market.


Casper Noise CASPER Noise
Enables airports and noise offices to measure, monitor and report on noise and noise abatement procedures.
CASPER Flight Tracking CASPER Flight Tracking.
A solution which presents interactive information about flights, noise and the airport online.
Real-time situational awareness enabling insight in ground movements for all operational parties for Airport Collaborative Decision Making.
CASPER Noise Lab
Real-time interactive information-sharing on aircraft noise, movements, runway usage and historical Data.
Hines Aircraft

Hines Aircraft Ltd. (Canada) is a full-service aviation firm founded in 2007 and provides a wide range of quality client services to companies engaged in airlines passenger and cargo services, and global corporate and government aviation activities. It includes restructuring capabilities, certification and consultancy.

Xegasus Aviation Investments BV is a “phase 1” shareholder in Hines Aircraft as well as one of their strategic partners.


Frontier B.V. offers a unique combination of expertise in aviation with creativity in ICT. It is based in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Consultancy and tailor-made solutions by a team of specialised project managers. And proprietary interactive tools for a wide range of applications, including: traffic management, incident registration & analysis, visualised data management. This has earned them the trust of companies like Eurocontrol, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Air Traffic Control Netherlands, with many successfully delivered projects.

Xegasus Aviation Investments B.V. is an active shareholder in Frontier B.V.

Aerwin Aerospace

Aerwin Aerospace is active in the design and production of sustainable aviation, and initially airships (zeppelins), but now in electrical propulsion.

Due to rapidly changing market conditions, including the rapid growth of fixed wing UAV’s, the product portfolio is presently being re-evaluated.

Xegasus Aviation Investments BV participates through private equity in Aerwin LTA Holding Ltd.

MI Group

MI.Airline offers a unique technological and organisational platform (in house developed, patents pending) for communication and context aware information sharing. It uses mobile platforms where normal Intranet services cannot be used, for a smarter and more informed crew. MI.Airline is a member of the MI.Group.

Through "the Connected Crew" MI.Airline makes all flight related information easily visible during the flight in a more logical manner, including pre- and post flight processes. For more efficiency, superior customer service, safety enhancement and job satisfaction, yet saving costs at the same time.

Xegasus is a minority shareholder in the MI Group.


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