logo dagThe Dutch Aviation Group is an association of companies and organisations supporting the aviation industry with their knowledge, expertise and experience on

complex and current matters. The members of the Dutch Aviation Group are leading research institutes, education organisations and consultancy companies.

Founded in 2000, the Dutch Aviation Group has grown from six companies to more than sixty companies and organisations. The main purpose is to provide a network for sharing knowledge and experience, providing and gaining information and enhance the cooperation of Dutch companies working within the aviation industry. x


Malta, 31 October 2014 - As part of the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS)
operation Schiebel’s CAMCOPTER® S-100 UAS (Unmanned Air System) helped to
save the lives of over 2800 refugees in the Mediterranean Sea during several

Between August and October 2014 the expedition vessel Phoenix, carrying the
CAMCOPTER® S-100 on board, conducted three operations in the central Mediterranean
Sea, each lasting two to three weeks. The final mission of this season was successfully
completed on 31st October, saving the life of 331 refugees.

(Press release). A worldwide patent application, dating back to January 2011, has been confirmed for publication for software company, MI Airline, member of the MI Group based in The Netherlands.

The MI Group includes MI Airline, which provides passenger data, relevant news, instructions and other information to aircraft crews in a secure, timely, efficient, and flexible manner.

Clean Tech Aviation is a pioneer in bio fuels for General Aviation. Both blends bio alcohols in AvGas and vegetable oils in bio diesel and bio kerosene are being developed and tested. Certification and engine retrofits are also planned for. Clean tech Aviation is based on Twenthe air force base.