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The FAA estimates that by 2020, there could be approx. 30,000 drones operating in US domestic airspace alone. Sites dedicated to US national security and defence have estimated that every country in the world will have military drone technology within the next 10 years.

The rise of drones is not an isolated or temporary event; the cyber battlefront is quickly becoming one of the most active in international conflicts. “Information warfare,” a term generally including both drones and cyber warfare, is giving rise to the unnerving creation of new threats.

The basic version of the Achilles System consists of two essential modules. Several others can be added later on as per customer specific requirements. Compatible interfacing with most currently available radar detection systems is readily available.

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Two standard modules/functionalities:

1. Selective multi frequency jamming of the drone’s satellite navigation system (a Jammer Directional Tactical system, “JDT”).
2. Selective multi frequency jamming of the drone’s electronic guidance and control systems. Typically in 360° ‘’omni’’ mode

Planned upgrade modules:

3. Laser-based interference with a drone’s optical sensors and any optical guidance system.
4. Advanced anti-swarm capabilities, when more than a few hostile drones have been detected, either simultaneously or in waves, not just in
omni mode, but also selectively targeted.
5. Integration with a fire control system with LPI radar and weaponry (under investigation).

Full denial of any of the satellite navigation systems operating around the world: GPS, Glonass, Beido, Compass, Galileo on all frequencies and modes are being used.

Drones are already capable of delivering chemicals and explosives over medium-long ranges, solo or in swarms. There are currently no regulations or sufficient countermeasures in place to stop someone from flying a heavily armed drone into a busy city or airspace. Even with unarmed drones, significant damage can be inflicted by targeting commercial aircraft during take-off and landing. Achilles can mak the difference. Although non-ITAR, export restrictions may apply.

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