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Xegasus Aviation Investments is a Dutch company with investments mainly in the aerospace industry, both domestically and abroad.
Aviaton investments
Strategic confidential consultancy.
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Investment policy

Through venture capital/private equity Xegasus participates as business angel for the medium and long term in high potential start-ups and promising phase 1 and 2 companies.

Typically strategic management support (supervisory or advisory board) is part of the approach.

investment policy


During its initial decade of successful expansion in the aerospace segment, Xegasus Aviation Investments has increasingly often been approached regarding non-aviation opportunities. Hence it now also includes a medical, an industrial technology and a cyber security participation.

Aviation Investments B.V.

Eric D. Tierie MSc PPL(A)

Lassuslaan 52 B
3723 LL Bilthoven
The Netherlands

T: +31 30 22 82 888
E: etierie@planet.nl

Chamber of Commerce
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